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The Park has been run for almost 50 years by a Christian family and therefore many of its visitors are practising Christians. However visitors of all faiths and beliefs are welcome and all activities, Christian or otherwise, are voluntary. Port Ban has signed up to the CCI (Christian Camping International) code of practice (attached) as follows:

We want guests to have the best in the Christian residential experience and to that end:
1. We see people as the priority and desire to treat our guests with friendliness, respect and courtesy.
2. We endeavour to outline clearly in literature and on websites the standards and services that guests can expect to find.
3. We aim to show transparent honesty and openness in our dealings with guests that includes a clear pricing structure that highlights any “extras” or cancellation charges, a booking process that has reasonable terms and conditions and is administered efficiently.
4. We strive towards high standards of hygiene, safety, maintenance and access in accordance with current legal requirements.
5. We aim to deal speedily and responsibly with any concerns or complaints that arise.
Staff and volunteers:
1. We commit ourselves to providing effective and appropriate training for our staff and volunteers that values them as a vital part of the organisation.
2. We endeavour to ensure that all staff and volunteers understand and comply with current legislation that applies to all areas of their responsibility.
3. We endeavour to provide opportunities for our staff and volunteers that will develop them and not simply equip them for the demands of their current role.
In all that we do, we aim to reflect our Christian calling and the CCI Statement of Faith to which we adhere.