And in 2017 we will be holding special events celebrating our 50th ANNIVERSARY, so come along and join the fun!


RECEPTION   Mon – Sat 9am – 6pm  

SHOP & CAFE   Mon – Thurs 9am-5pm (Fri & Sat 6pm)        

SUNDAY RECEPTION & SHOP  9:30-10:30, 12.30–1:30 pm 4-5pm CAFE closed                                                      

LOUNGE   Quiet room – Open 10am – 6pm TV, board games & books available. 

               Toddler friendly!!  Refreshments served from Cafe


Café – Seafood Evening                                            5-7pm

Worship Group rehearsal in Hall    7:30pm



Interdenominational service with Rev ???    11am

Kids Club – Coffee & tea served afterwards


Games (on front green or hall)                                                       3pm

Pool & Table tennis competition in hall                             8pm


Kids Club                                                                      11am

Café – Curry evening                                                         5pm

Bible study with Rev ????             8pm


Craft Coffee morning (lounge)                                                     11am

Bonfire and Breadsticks (on beach)                                                 7.30pm



Prayer Wall  (in  lounge)                                                        8.30am

Kids Club                                                                                   11am

Ladies Meeting                                       11am

Beavers Guided Walk – Crinan – see reception                     6pm

£10 families, £5 adult, £2 <16

Youth Club                                                                            8pm


Games (on front green or hall)                                                       3pm

Barbecue – book in shop                                                       5:30pm

Family Fun Nite with Davey Hay & friends                              7:30pm


DAILY OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES:  beach suitable for swimming, tennis, football, putting & crazy golf, bike hire, bowls, canoeing (only with permission management and weather permitting), walking, volleyball

Watch notice boards for changes to programme & café specials